Precision Polymer Engineering Critical Sealing Solutions

Semiconductor Products Overview

Some PPE Semiconductor Customers

PPE Performance vs. Elastomer Market

Last 4 years, PPE has outperformed the market by 20% to 2300%
PPE SAM is growing faster than total elastomer market
> We identify faster growing process sectors
> We identify the end markets that grow faster
> We focus our resources
> We innovate

Product Overview

High performance O-rings
Diameters from 1mm up to 2.6m

High performance seals and gaskets
X-Seals, lip seals, other geometries

Custom precision moulded parts
End effector pads, microfluidic seals

Bonded elastomers
L-motion, MonoVat SVDs, plastic bonded components

Polymers – FKMs vs FFKMs and PPE Brands


PPE focus on aggressive applications and critical locations
Vertically integrated – control over total process from design to material compounding to manufacturing
– Unique products gaining market share
Chemical testing/benchmarking gives PPE an excellent platform for recommending correct materials
– Saved time and effort to requalify
– Low risk of incorrect material choice
Perlast and Nanofluor grades are market leaders for low trace metal content
– Minimal risk of electrical yield loss in end device
Expert guidance on hardware matching and Finite Element Analysis
– Correct material and size for application