CEO Message

Achates Semicon was launched in the semiconductor market aiming at becoming an active, reliable, developing, and creative company.

We desire to be a company that can maximize productivity and efficiency through semiconductor equipment services and parts manufacturing, equipped with know-how and professionalism differentiated from competitors in the highly competitive equipment service industry.

All our employees think tenacious endeavor and professionalism can build up a reliable and trustworthy company in the rapidly changing society.

Achates Semicon will do our very best to earnestly fulfill promises with our customers, and offer high quality products and services to meet customer needs.

We are a robust and positive company striving to perfectly carrying out work, and will sincerely play our part as your business partner.

We are committed to becoming a top class company maximizing corporate values as a business enhancing reliability, technology, and competency, focusing on individual and social development as a win-win strategy seeking business.

Thank you.

Achates semicon